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Counting House Anomaly Murals
December, 2021

Concept + Design: W.W
Fabrication + Installation: Hangman Ltd.

The shapes in these three-dimensional murals are derived from gravitational anomaly data; minute fluctuations in the force of gravity around the globe due to the composition of the planet below.  Gravitational anomaly maps do not relate to the visible world, but to the unseen structures that lie beneath.

The contour lines are composed of further data; not the binary code of computing but an earlier two-symbol information system, Morse code.  This data runs through the veins of the map, reflecting the way that code permeates the entire Internet.

The long wall represents data from the Thames estuary.  The physical shape of the river has been overlaid to allow viewers a sense of where they are, here at the ancient heart of London’s trade and commerce.